Canine Psychology Center, LLC

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Specialists in Extreme Aggression & Severe Behavior Issues in Dogs

Located in Pine, Colorado 80470


CPC specializes in Extreme Aggression & Severe Behavior issues in dogs. If you are considering Drugs or Euthanasia as a solution for your dog, please Contact Us immediately to schedule a Private Evaluation Lesson. We will also help you with subtle aggression or mild behavior issues. We no longer offer 'formal obedience' training....sorry!

Tried everything? Worked with other trainers? Still having problems? Consider a Consultation at CPC. Results themselves prove that CPC methods get immediate and long-lasting results, where other methods may not.

CPC is not a 'behaviorist' or a 'communicator', but rather Colorado's premier Aggressive Dog Trainer and Canine Psychologist. Acknowledgements from Veterinarians, Law Enforcement and other trainers. References from around Colorado, the USA and Canada available upon request.

If you have a 'DOG BITE EMERGENCY', please email and the head trainer will contact you immediately to discuss your situation. Please provide a phone number! No charge for phone calls. 303-995-0132.

Regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 11a to 8p and most Saturdays from 10a to 3p. CLOSED on Sundays and holidays.

CPC will be CLOSED on 6/20/15 for Suzi's 50th birthday party & pig roast!

Unfortunately, CPC does not have the time, facility or resources to take in or find homes for dogs.

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